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the best charcoal grilling

Nigerian grilled charcoal

Charcoal for Nigerian African grills, shipped from Nigeria
Because Nigerian coal enjoys a good reputation among all types of coal
Through our factory in Nigeria in Oyo, we manufacture the finest Nigerian charcoal for grills
We also provide all kinds of packages and sizes, from burlap packages to paper packages, and from 1 kg to 25 kg

The price of Nigerian charcoal for grills is affordable in all markets
Types of Nigerian charcoal for grills
the best charcoal for grilling

Because acacia charcoal is found in several African countries, we recommend Nigerian acacia charcoal for grills
Ultra pure acacia charcoal grills
It does not emit any crackling, sparks, or odors of white ash like snow when ignited, and it lasts for long periods of time
There are no types of Nigerian charcoal for grills other than acacia charcoal
For example, Al-Ayin Al-Shuqaf charcoal in large sizes for grilling is available through our charcoal factory in Nigeria
Ion charcoal is a world-renowned coal that is very solid and flammable, and it stays burning for long periods and does not cause problems for meat and grills
Because Nigeria also provides other types
Marquee charcoal of large size and specifications required for most international markets in the field of barbecue charcoal
Kaya charcoal is charcoal available for barbecue purposes, but it comes in the third place after Ayenne and Acacia charcoal
Because our factory and company are in Nigeria, we export directly through the port of Lagos to all countries of the world
Nigerian grill charcoal prices are affordable to all markets and countries
Very suitable for new traders in the field of coal in terms of quality and price

A regular company and factory through dealing with us in the field of Nigerian African charcoal for grills

This is how you can request information about the factory’s products
But by contacting us via the following number or WhatsApp


Because the African Forest Coal Factory and Company
Tax registration number 975 – 872 – 449
Terms and conditions apply according to international trade law

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