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charcoal from nigeria

Own your full market share of our factory products
Also, the Nigerian charcoal known as Al-Ayin charcoal is of high quality
is how Nigerian charcoal is distinguished by its hardness and high quality during ignition and use for all purposes, shisha and grills
The company has its own factories in Nigeria to provide Ayan coal of the highest quality
And you can get it with several specifications for each purpose
Nigerian charcoal comes in packages of multiple weights, and we can provide any special packages that the customer wants
Also, the specifications of our Nigerian coal (Ayen) are

Finger percentage can reach 100%
Completely free from any impurities, breakage or dust 100%

Highly flammable and one kilo lasts for more than 5 hours
Ash white as snow
It does not produce sparks, smoke or odors
We also provide it in burlap packages, with the possibility of packing it in special packages, starting from 1 kg to 25 kg
Do not hesitate to inquire about all kinds of charcoal
We ship to all countries of the world
This is how we offer payment facilities to open markets for our products
This is how you can request information about the factory’s products
thus But by contacting us via the following number or WhatsApp
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