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sudanese talh charcoal

Sudanese acacia coal is considered one of the best types of African coal
Where it is produced from the finest wood from the Sudanese forests
We manufacture Sudanese acacia charcoal through our own charcoal factory in Sudan
We are also the only factory based in Sudan since 2009 in the production of Sudanese acacia coal
Sudanese acacia charcoal is characterized by its high hardness, fast ignition, and long burning hours
It also produces a snowy white ash that is unparalleled among other types of coal
Sudanese acacia coal is characterized by the fact that it does not contain any moisture, impurities or dust

It also does not emit any crack or spark during the entire ignition period

We can provide Sudanese acacia charcoal in all packaging systems, from the first 1 kg packages to 25 kg packages
We also have more than 250 clients and buyers around the world for the Sudanese acacia coal product
have a regular company and factory by dealing with us in the field of Sudanese coal
This is how you can request information about the factory’s products
Thus, by contacting us via the following number or WhatsApp
This is how we are Al-Ghaba Company and Factory for Sudanese Charcoal

The tax registration number is 975 – 872 – 449

Also, the terms and conditions apply according to the international trade law

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